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Our Vision

Submarine was born from the desire to submerge and see what few people see, from the desire to discover and to turn things around, from the need to explore and drastically change the perspective.

Submarine was born out of the conviction that any story can be extraordinary, and that only when we realize that a house is a hat built to protect us from the rain and sun, is when we truly understand where we live in.

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.

Frank Capra

We speak your language.

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Branded Content

What is branded content? Well, we know it’s about telling stories that fit your Brand and reach today’s audience. We want people to get to know your Brand through stories. Try us.

Corporate communication

There’s no need for corporate videos to be dull. We create and produce videos for corporate needs that are both but highly creative and aestheticaly brilliant. Corporate is not boring anymore.


We can cover any type of event, anywhere in the world and deliver a high quality video that your viewers would actually enjoy seeing. We will not make boring videos anymore.

Motion Graphics

We transform ideas into motion and deliver 2D and 3D videos always taking into account your company’s needs and always in tune your company’s visual identity. We can also make Mapping.